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Watch Technique: Spinal Twist

Watch Technique: Spinal Twist

Technique: Spinal Twist

Breathe 14-Day Program • 2m 6s

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  • Technique: Spinal Twist Reclined

    This exercise is a variation on the Spinal Twist. All of the exercises in the Spinal Twist series are very good for your internal organs and digestive system as well as loosening up your lower back.

  • Technique: Drop Pick It Up

    This exercise takes place in the tabletop position, just like Cat Cow. Unlike Cat Cow, in Drop Pick it Up, your spine is not extending and flexing. You keep your back in a straight line, focusing on the dropping of the belly and a using a full circumferential breathe on the inhale and contracti...

  • Technique: Downward Dog

    This is Rock and Roll performed in the Downward Dog position. Again, if you have any yoga experience, you’ve surely encountered this position. Doing Rock and Roll from this position challenges the breathing muscles to a greater degree than normal Rock and Roll. Don’t let your form waver. It i...