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Watch Outro - What's Next?

Watch Outro - What's Next?

Outro - What's Next?

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 30s

Up Next in Breathe 14-Day Program

  • Technique: Perfect Horizontal Breath

    This is how you should be breathing. This exercise retrains our brains to breathe correctly. This is very much like Rock and Roll from a standing position. The shoulders and neck do not move. This exercise is an excellent one to use throughout your day; doing 5, 10, or more repetitions freque...

  • Technique: Rock & Roll

    Pay close attention here as this technique is vitally important to improving your breathing. Rock and Roll is the basis for relearning how to breathe in an anatomically congruous way. We are training our diaphragm, breathing muscles, and our brain to breathe more efficiently. This exercise is ...

  • Technique: Cat Cow (aka Table Top)

    If you’ve ever done any yoga, you’ve likely performed the exercise. The key here is to really relax the belly on the inhale (Cow) and squeeze your belly and ribs on the exhale (Cat), pushing your shoulders away from the floor, and drawing your navel to your spine.