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Watch Technique: Intercostal Wall Stretch

Watch Technique: Intercostal Wall Stretch

Technique: Intercostal Wall Stretch

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 54s

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  • Technique: Intercostal Stretch

    The small muscles between your ribs are your intercostal muscles. These are important muscles for your breathing. You don’t want these muscles getting week or rigid. This exercise strengthens and stretches these muscles making breathing easier and more efficient. It is normal to feel your bre...

  • Technique: Spinal Twist Seated

    This is yet another variation on the Spinal Twist. The purchase on the chair and the fact that you can involve your arms to a greater degree will often mean that you can twist farther and deeper with this variation than the others. If you have a job that has you sitting for long periods during ...

  • Technique: Spinal Twist

    Spinal Twists, all of them, are my favorite exercise. These stretches provide a host of benefits to your spine, your hips, your posture, and your breathing capacity. Pay close attention to your spine. You should not be hunched over or arching back. You should strive to keep your spine as long...