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Watch Technique: Inhale-Exhale Maximizations

Watch Technique: Inhale-Exhale Maximizations

Technique: Inhale-Exhale Maximizations

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 10s

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  • Technique: Exhale Pulsations

    This exercise is to strengthen your exhale muscles. On the exhale, forcefully blow the air out of your lungs by contracting your stomach muscles and pulling your navel to your spine. On the inhale, just relax your belly, allowing the inhale to happen naturally. Think of blowing out a candle fr...

  • Technique: Balloon Exercise

    This exercise strengthens your exhale muscles. Essentially, you are performing a Rock and Roll with emphasis on the exhale. Really try to blow forcefully into the balloon. Exhale only with your exhale muscles: the ones at the middle of your body. Remember that to breathe well, the exhale is j...

  • Technique: Cat Cow Chair

    This exercise is performed just like Cat Cow, except you are on your feet, not your knees and your hands are on a chair or something at a height between your knees and your hips. Now, I don’t know where this one appears in the workouts. I wonder if B’s intention is to use this in place of Cat C...