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Watch Technique: Exhale Pulsations

Watch Technique: Exhale Pulsations

Technique: Exhale Pulsations

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 24s

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  • Technique: Balloon Exercise

    This exercise strengthens your exhale muscles. Essentially, you are performing a Rock and Roll with emphasis on the exhale. Really try to blow forcefully into the balloon. Exhale only with your exhale muscles: the ones at the middle of your body. Remember that to breathe well, the exhale is j...

  • Technique: Cat Cow Chair

    This exercise is performed just like Cat Cow, except you are on your feet, not your knees and your hands are on a chair or something at a height between your knees and your hips. Now, I don’t know where this one appears in the workouts. I wonder if B’s intention is to use this in place of Cat C...

  • Technique: Intercostal Stretch with a...

    This exercise is very much like the Intercostal Stretch. This is just a more advanced version, using weight resistance to increase the load therefore strengthening and stretching the intercostals even more.