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Watch Technique: Downward Dog

Watch Technique: Downward Dog

Technique: Downward Dog

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 4s

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  • Technique: Extended Exhale

    This exercise works your exhale muscles, but does so differently than Exhale Pulsations for example. As you do this exercise, concentrate fully on making your exhale as complete and long as possible. You are aiming to increase the amount of time on the exhale.

  • Technique: Diaphragm Extensions

    This exercise strengthens the muscles used when you inhale. In the workout videos, our model is doing Diaphragm Extensions with no weight. In this technique video, he is using a stack of books for resistance. If you want more of a challenge or this is not your first time through the course, co...

  • BONUS: How To Measure Your Breathing ...

    Dr. Belisa explains how to measure your Breathing IQ (BIQ). Use these measurements to track your progress as you work through the 14 days.