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Watch Day 08

Day 08

Breathe 14-Day Program • 8m 23s

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  • Day 09

    Today we review, ramp up, and retake our BIQ. The Sequence will be very familiar to you by now. But what I want you to do today is really push yourself. That means sip in a bit more air on the inhale, maybe more than you think you can. It also means that you really squeeze your belly and ribs...

  • Day 10

    Today, we work through The Sequence and we also introduce both Patterned Breathing and Box Breath. Remember, in all of these exercises, concentrate on horizontal breathing…no shoulder movement.

  • Day 11

    I now want you to start working on a more advanced version of Exhale Pulsations called Drop It and Pick It Up. This advanced version really targets the exhale muscles: the core, the abdominals, the obliques, and even your back. We will also be doing Rock and Roll, Exhale Pulsations, Drop It and...