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Watch Day 07

Watch Day 07

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  • Day 08

    Today, we work on my favorite stretches of all—the Spinal Twists. We will do these seated, reclined, and we will do these combined with Exhale Pulsations. These spinal twists are great for the flexibility of your thoracic cavity, your spine, your posture, and your hips. Further, they will expa...

  • Day 09

    Today we review, ramp up, and retake our BIQ. The Sequence will be very familiar to you by now. But what I want you to do today is really push yourself. That means sip in a bit more air on the inhale, maybe more than you think you can. It also means that you really squeeze your belly and ribs...

  • Day 10

    Today, we work through The Sequence and we also introduce both Patterned Breathing and Box Breath. Remember, in all of these exercises, concentrate on horizontal breathing…no shoulder movement.