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Watch Day 02

Watch Day 02

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  • Day 03

    You may not know it, but if you’ve done Day 1 and Day 2, your breathing has gotten better. But, there’s still lots of work to do. You are now working on turning your ribcage into a thoracic cavity. What’s the difference? Well, a cage is a box with bars on it. It doesn’t flex and it doesn’t m...

  • Day 04

    Today we focus on pelvic floor contractions on our exhale. This is important for a complete exhale. Again, you can only inhale to the extent that you’ve made room on your inhale. The better your exhale, the more fresh oxygen you can take in on the subsequent inhale. All the exercises today wi...

  • Day 05

    We want to turn our “ribcage” into a “thoracic cavity”. Why? Well, a cage is a fixed, firm box with bars on it. It doesn’t flex. It doesn’t move. Unfortunately, most of us do have a ribcage with stiff intercostals between our ribs as well as stiff abdominal muscles and obliques. The exercis...