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Watch Technique: Cat Cow Chair

Watch Technique: Cat Cow Chair

Technique: Cat Cow Chair

Breathe 14-Day Program • 1m 11s

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    This exercise is very much like the Intercostal Stretch. This is just a more advanced version, using weight resistance to increase the load therefore strengthening and stretching the intercostals even more.

  • Technique: Intercostal Wall Stretch

    This exercise is merely a variation on the Intercostal Stretch. As opposed to the Intercostal Stretch, this exercise allows you to stretch the intercostal muscles without getting on the floor. Also, you can gauge your progress more easily since you can adjust and monitor your arm position as yo...

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    The small muscles between your ribs are your intercostal muscles. These are important muscles for your breathing. You don’t want these muscles getting week or rigid. This exercise strengthens and stretches these muscles making breathing easier and more efficient. It is normal to feel your bre...